artist’s statement

My work is an attempt to capture those lyrical moments when you happen upon some exquisitely beautiful form, usually in nature. The inspiration is often small and fragile and you know that it will soon be gone. It may be an emerging bud, a seed pod about to burst open, a ripening fruit or the hidden recess of a flower calyx.

In sculpting these fleeting forms in marble, I’m wanting to pay hommage to the beauty and complexity of the world. Ironically this work in stone is a reminder of the ephermality of beauty. I think that it is true that which is most beautiful does not last. The work is also about the value of slowing down and paying attention.

Rather than attempt an exact representation, I strive for abstraction to focus on the purity of the form. The work is classical in that I am using a time-honored material and I try to emulate beauty. The work is contemporary in that I value simplicity and minimalism.